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Dealing With The Pitfalls Of Life As A Freelance Travel Writer

Last time, I shared my favorite things about being a freelance travel writer, and they are considerable. This time, let’s explore some of the downsides of being a freelance travel writer — most of which has to do with the freelance part of things, not the travel or the writing — along with pro tips to help mitigate the issues as much as possible.

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4 Ways To Fulfill Your Travel Writing Dreams In 2019

If you feel overdue for a reminder of what to do and what not to do on your journey toward living the wonderful life you envision, I’ve distilled some of advice I read recently in a popular book on finding your purpose and following your dreams, with examples of how it can apply to travel writing, to help you start 2019 off right.

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To Become A Travel Writer, You Need To Understand Your Real Motivation

Sometimes we don’t actually know why we do what we do, and sometimes our true why is buried beneath a lot of other why reasons that get in the way of our real purpose. Here are some thoughts about drilling down to your “why,” because it turns out that’s probably one of the keys to success as a travel writer.

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What To Write About In 2018—So You Can Snag More Bylines

Hmong Tribe Vietnam

It’s that time of year when freelance travel writers turn their thoughts to what’s trending around the world to try to align the upcoming year’s trips with the needs of the industry. Here are a few things to think about as you ponder your dream trips…

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What Farming has Taught Me About Writing

Making the leap to a new life is something that most of us wind up doing sooner or later. Each time, there are fresh and interesting things to be gleaned from the experience. Here’s what learning to farm has taught me about being a travel writer.

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You’re a Writer All the Time

As a travel writer, you should always keep your eyes and ears open for story ideas, even when you’re “not working.” Some of the best stories come out of candid conversations, like the one Kyle Wagner had with her tour guide in Jordan on a recent trip there. Read on to see what story she uncovered.

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How to Best Prepare Yourself for Tax-time

As a freelancer, there are certain steps you can take to make filing your taxes a smooth process. Keeping track of your earnings throughout the year, and putting a system in place from the beginning will make things easier for you when April rolls around. Here’s what works for me…

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