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Pitch to multiple editors (they expect it!)…

It seems counterintuitive, but when you have a good story idea or have written a wonderful story, you should send a query for it to as many editors at as many publications you can possibly think of that might be interested.

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Does Word Count Matter?

When crafting an article you may want to go a bit long to give the editor more to work with. Does submitting an article over specified word count matter in the end?

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Tweak Your Story to Sell Again (and Again)

So you’ve already sold your story to one publication, but there are other potential outlets where your tale could work well. The question, though, is how much do you need to revise your original in order to send it out there again?

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You’ve got the contract: What next?

While most editors are pretty well versed in the routine of following up with a freelancer to make sure everything happens as it should, it’s also good for you to know what to expect, and have some guidelines for what to do or not do that will help your budding relationship with a new editor.

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3 Tips to Get that Pitch Perfect

When you’re ready to start sending out pitches, here’s a list of steps that will ensure that each pitch is the best it can be—which in turn will get you closer to that byline.

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