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Dining Out is Different Now: Tips for Writing About Food

dine out

Even though the rules have changed and we’re sluggishly moving toward whatever the “new normal” is, the fact remains that we all still have to eat, and a lot of restaurants are making heroic efforts right now to stay open. The market for food writing is still there, particularly on a local and regional level, but it requires a different approach and a lot more fact-checking. Check out these tips for making meals a part of your travel writing repertoire going forward.

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Getting It All The First Time: Tips For Being Prepared For Rewrites

the first time travel writer

It’s so important to get what you need in terms of contact details and information while you’re on the trip, because sometimes editors want something more or something different from the resulting story that you pitch. Here are some tips for ensuring that you are ready before and during your travels, so that you’re also ready later when an editor reaches out.

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What You Need to Know about Working with an Editor


Several writers that I’ve been mentoring since the pandemic began have received feedback from or been contacted by an editor over the past few weeks, which prompted more than one panicked email starting out with something to the effect of, “What do I do now?” Here are some tips for interacting with an editor confidently and authoritatively, leaving you ready and able to address anything they throw at you.

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Magazines Versus Newspapers: Why You Should Pitch The Latter Now

magazines and newspapers

The majority of freelance travel writers pitch magazines, and that’s a shame – especially right now. As the travel magazine pie has gotten smaller in the face of virus-based travel restrictions, newspapers continue not only to hang in there, but even to thrive, with some of them expanding their staff and their interest in accepting freelance. Here are some critical things to know about how newspapers and magazines are different, which can help you tap into their singular needs.

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How To Pivot Your Travel Writing Approach To Meet Today’s Needs

pivot travel writing

We’ve been hearing from freelancers who are still finding a market for their articles and photos, and I’ve also been successful at getting enough work, primarily with local publications in my hometown of Denver, Colorado. The key is to be flexible, patient and creative in generating story ideas and pitching — in other words, it’s time to pivot, or change direction on how you’re structuring your stories. Here’s how.

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Questions and Answers

Not only is being a writing coach about offering feedback and providing guidance to writers, but it also involves a fair amount of answering questions. As our first One-on-One Mentoring Program comes to an end, I thought I would share a few of the questions that came up repeatedly from the writers with whom I worked. My hope is that these answers will help you, too, in your quest to achieve those bylines and join the travel writer’s club

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